Nintendo Wii U to Hit Stores in 2012, Quality Games are Priority with Nintendo’s New Wii U

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As E3 2011 came to a close, many were buzzing about all the new product and games. By far the biggest story of Nintendo’s E3 was the Wii U. (Heck, it may have been the biggest story of the entire show.) While the actual tech behind this new console and new controller were certainly the talk of the show, at the end of the day it still all comes down to the games.

Obviously topping Nintendo’s debut’s at E3 was it’s new console, but what about it’s game updates and the DS? Here’s a short list of Nintendo’s future plans for Wii U:

5) Fighting series fans were sent through the roof with announcements of Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and Wii U.

4) Third party games such as Call of Duty and Resident Evil have forced Nintendo to support these games to drive more gaming consumers to the Nintendo product.

Nintendo announced titles like Batman: Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed, Tekken and Ghost Recon will be supported on Wii U, as well as other that are currently in the works. Hopefully, enhancements will be made to these games and others. With these strategies, Nintendo seems to be shifting focus to making sure the Wii U is a good fit for all.

3) Two new mini-games, Chase Mii and Battle Mii showcased the potential of the Wii U. The two demos utilized the new controller/tablet to an amazing effect, giving each player a unique gaming experience, which is quite remarkable. Impressions were made by the new controller’s innovations and no question there’s plenty more that can be done than what was demonstrated at the conference.

2) Zelda in HD for Wii U

1) The new Wii U game console. Nintendo did deliver. Nintendo’s 2nd gen Wii console is a system for all to enjoy, casual and serious gamers, alike.

But, it turns out, it’s not the console that received the most attention, it was the controller.

Calling the new device a controller may not give full compliments to the capabilities and interactive possibilities it has to offer. It could be referred to as a sidekick to the new console. In some cases, it doubles as an extra controller and can work as a standalone gaming or entertainment device. This multi-functional controller contains a 6.2-inch touchscreen.

The new controller for Wii U raises the bar for other game manufactures and is a technological step up for Nintendo and the industry, yet it’s difficult to predict how it will be received and just how it all works until it can be used to it’s full potential outside the “interactive demonstration” that was displayed at E3.

No date was set for debut in stores nor was a price. But be expected to pay over $250 for Wii U

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