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Booster Guide Review

Booster uses smart technology it find hot quests in the game and it is able to generate and step by step leveling guide that is a breeze to follow. This is the only guide that uses this type of technology. The guide is so complete and the ingame guide allows the player to know exactly where to go, how to finish the quest and where to go next making all the painful parts of leveling disappear and improving your leveling speed allot. No more of that!

This guide also has directions and waypoints arrows, showing you the way to our next quest or leveling spot. The World of Warcraft Leveling Guide has created a system where all the steps are organized in circuits, which will save you a great deal of time. These great leveling paths will allow you to complete groups of quest in which you normally would have to go back and forth from. This save you allot of time and you will find that it’s allot more enjoyable. Making sure that you follow these paths can be hard at some times but you need to, to make sure you get the leveling bonus when leveling.

Players that have used the Boosters world of warcraft leveling guide experience level at 12 times the normal speed, which is CRAZY! but this isn’t all, those players that used the wow leveling guide still saw a 3 to 4 times leveling speed increase. And 4 to 6 times the normal leveling time of using quest helper. So after reading that I hope that you can see the power of this guide. This is an excellent tool for those serious about solving this game!

This leveling guide will take you from area to area with the faster leveling paths in the game, and this sort of leveling hasn’t been seen to this day in world of warcraft. The Boost technology really makes a difference. So don’t worry about the junk quest that give nothing and take ages to complete, boosters will only give the best of the best.

You also have to rely on only one leveling team, so the information for completing each step is consistent. The guide will also allow you to quickly complete the steps in each quest. So never worry about not having enough information on quest and items, the boosters guide has all this.

They also have talent point calculation and allows you to automatically talent up. You can set this to be done for you as you level up, again cutting your leveling time and helping you understand leveling and why talents are choicen. Once you see how good the information boosters provide to forums and the people that provide you with misleading information.

One of the best features is just the fact that this guide has been tested and tested over and over and you will never get a error or suprise when something doesn’t work. After testing all the possible scenarios we include the best ones to get you moving through the levels and winning. Learn about other wow leveling guides and wow gold guides that have been reviewed at our website.

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